Namaste, our dear Rebel tribe! 

Time has gone by amazingly fast and we find ourselves in the last quarter of the year.  It’s been forward motion since Rebel Yoga Manila (re)opened its doors only 10 months ago. 
Since then we’ve put up our banner to bring together people who share the same intention of being their best selves. 
We continue to hold space for both those wanting to learn and grow in their yoga practice and those who hold space for others – our teachers.  Because of this, the studio is now also home to Inside Flow Yoga, Pound Fit, and more on the way – joining our Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Kali communities.

Rebel Yoga Manila Make It Makate Street Meet Carlos Palanca

Just last month, we found ourselves taking to the streets, holding our first community classes at the Make It Makati Street Meet on Carlos Palanca.

You can’t imagine how happy we were to represent all you Rebels and share our passion for yoga right in the middle of the city.  And we were even more amazed at the tremendous support Rebels near and far, old and new, even Rebels for that day, shared as they stepped on mats alongside us.

And there’s definitely a lot more to look forward to.  We’ve got visiting yoga teachers from Los Angeles DJ Crisanto Santa Ana and Sukhdeep Tracy, along with Viel Olegario and JC De Leon of Medicale Yoga Institute, come play with us this coming October 11 and 12.  We’ve got Halloween surprises in-store and more as we wind down 2019.

We’re still moving forward, picking up momentum as we roll.  And we have you, our Rebels, to thank.  We are here because of your support.  And for that, we are sincerely grateful.

Be Kind.  Stay True.  Respect.
And all will come.

Ian Paredes
General Manager