1. Wind down, warm up. Arrive a few minutes before class for signing up and setting your space in the yoga room. Every student is required to sign in at the reception.
  2. Mind the time. Students are allowed to enter only up to 15 mins after the class has started. 
  3. Flaunt the yogi toes. Observe barefoot areas and leave shoes inside the racks, not on the floor.
  4. IDs, please. No ID, no mat and/or towel rental. Please return equipment after use to the staff. Handle towels with care, a penalty shall apply for damaged towels.
  5. Log out, switch off. Switch phones to silent upon entering the studio. No mobile phones or devices inside the yoga room.
  6. Follow the leader. Mat spaces are on a first come, first served basis. The staff or yoga instructor may ask you to move as needed to accommodate students.
  7. Leave it as you got it. Return yoga props after class.
  8. Mindful sharing. Shower stalls are on a first come, first served basis. No reservations. Please keep shower rooms and changing area in clean condition. Toilets are located in the hallway adjacent to the studio.
Flow and Move with Us Monday to Sunday